Understanding Dengue Course
This course is for those wishing to do further education about Dengue with a clinical angle. We are going to cover most facets of Dengue because they impact the Clinical Management.  Naturally you will not get a University Degree or get Uni. credits for this course- but you will get solid content with the benefit of ground level experience.  And it isn’t going to cost the same as a Uni. Degree either. You will get a certificate though when you complete the course.  With this course you essentially can take a short cut  without having to travel overseas, attend conferences and do a lot of reading, and get the benefit of my experience  over the last decades in:
  • DTMH Bangkok (1993)
  • 9 years working in Lao PDR, endemic for dengue, in addition to 11 years living in Lao PDR & Thailand
  • Multiple conferences attended in recent years – International Society Travel Medicine (ISTM),  International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID), Asia Pacific Travel Medicine Conference (APTHS) + others.
  • PLOS Infectious Diseases reviewer for dengue articles (involving extensive literature review)
  • Experience working with MSF in PNG, Kenya, Kosovo
  • Reviewing hundreds of dengue articles specifically for this course
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  • Dengue Course
  • Introduction A
  • Introduction B
  • Practicalities
  • Terminology
  • Epidemiology A
  • Epidemiology B
  • Epidemiology C
  • Epidemiology D
  • Clinical
  • Diagnosis
  • Investigations
  • Interpretation
  • Management
  • Severe Dengue
  • Severe Dengue Management
  • Paediatrics
  • Vaccination / Control
  • Prevention
  • Summary
  • Resources
  • Live Video Weekly Discussion (recorded)
  • Case discussion weekly
  • Case discussions
  • Regular tests
  • PFDs to download
  • RACGP, ACRRM points applied for
This Online Dengue Course is:
  • Designed for GPs & doctors by a GP with experience in the field *
  • Over 5 weeks
  • Recorded video modules, one per week, in your own time
  • Live Video Weekly Discussion (recorded)
  • Case discussion weekly
  • Case discussions
  • Weekly tests/homework
  • PFDs to download
  • RACGP, ACRRM points will be applied for.
* other health professionals welcome to join- please contact [email protected]

We have put together a course on Dengue for those of you wanting to become more proficient at recognising, understanding and managing dengue. 

It’s aimed at General Practitioners but most relevant health practitioners are welcome.

Various journal articles have pointed out that there is a need for more training in Travel medicine in General Practice. (1) 

A retrospective review in the MJA in 2017 of hospitalised dengue patients from 2012-2015 in Victoria and the Northern Territory stated “Australian GPs and hospital clinicians should be familiar with the clinical manifestations of dengue, and ensure that their knowledge of the diagnosis, classification and management of dengue is up to date.”(2) and “optimal case management is important, and treatment errors, including the prescription of NSAIDs, must be avoided ”(2)

An Editorial comment in the same MJA stated “Doctors in Australia must be alert to the possibility of dengue in their differential diagnosis of febrile conditions in returned travellers “ (3)
Who is going to benefit from this course – you or your patients?
  • Your patients - that you refer with dengue, dengue with warning signs and severe dengue – may get better care as you will advocate for them better with an improved referral letter and better liaising with the on call ID physician if indicated also.
  • Your patients - pick up more cases of dengue in your Clinic
  • Your patients - better advise for pre travel consultations
  • Your patients and you - hopefully your increased knowledge might improve the efficiency of your post travel & pre- travel consultations
  • You - lower your medico-legal risk with regards to dengue
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